Binary to Text

Binary to Text

The world's most basic binary tool. Online binary to text converter for free. Simply enter your binary numbers, and they will be transformed to text immediately.

This program translates binary to text. It only works with plain text and is quite quick. This is the only operation it performs.
If you're doing cross-browser testing, a binary to string converter can come in handy. For example, if your web application outputs debugging information that includes a binary dump of a file or network data, you can use this utility to inspect the binary string. You can also see individual bits of the encoding and see the layout of characters if you're working with raw Unicode and UTF-8 bytes. You can also use this program to construct the input and output data for test cases if you're building tests that convert between binary bits and strings.

Kareena Thakur

CEO / Co-Founder

I am curious, insightful, and passionate. By always exploring the world around me and researching new things, I find that I often have a lot to contribute to a conversation or brainstorming session. When I am interested in something, I become truly passionate about digging into it as much as possible. These three words are why I have so much research experience and am looking for more.


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